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About Us

Brunch Plus Organization was established in 2008 to sort out the necessity of catering and events such as fair, wedding, opening ceremonies and company activities of the people or companies. We started off our journey with the motto 'Everyhing in the city concerns us.' by believing in the attractiveness of the various colors and tastes and prioritizing the quality with modernist and dynamic team.

While we were a-90m2-office in 2012, we continue our work in a-1500m2 and five-storey-plaza now, which contributes to our service capacity to a large extent.

Brunch Plus is a simple organization firm that works with the aim of 100% customer pleasure. Besides, it tries to motivate its customers by mentoring them.

We determine the quality standards in advance in all our works and we keep on working by making no consessions to the sense of quality until we achieve of the wanted result. To us, the quality means the accuracy of the work. In other words, it is an important life factor which needs to deal with the people in a multifaceted way in terms of the security of life and health. The quality is not only the product quality but also a standard, and it should be taken part in every field of life. Our company supplies every kind of backgrounds for the system to have its employees and customers experience the quality consciousness.

Our main aim is always to do our best. We are here to present you a trouble-free event with our well-educated workers.

Our Vision

To be of best quality Catering Organization Firm in Turkey.

Our Mission

To increase the value which we enrich by our effectieveness, quality standard, and structural performance to our customers, employees, society, and environment prominently and continually.

Our Values

  • We love our job and respect it.
  • We have our customers feel what we feel.
  • We take notice of the personnel satisfaction for the customers'.
  • We are in the habit of training and business development.
  • Each project has the same importance and different sights.