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UNART: For starters, including Cheesecake slice of cake and a joint working group of similar items which we conduct our solution partner. Unart to many of Turkey's elite business is a company specialized in mass production.

Porselen serves on the factory floor in Mass Feeding Sector and is our solution partner to meet our mass feeding needs.

It is our solution partner to meet our needs like Program Management, Website Management, and the other information services.

Muvidu is specialised in Video Presentation and is our solution partner to record our events and transfer them to our customers.

EQUIPMENT LEASING: It is our business partner that solves all of our equipment needs such as tables, chairs, umbrellas, podiums, etc. that we need in our organizations.

: INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENTS :We are the solution partner in which we supply all necessary equipment on stainless steel and industrial kitchen equipment. We have been carrying out this cooperation for 8 years.