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Objectives and Principles

Our objective is to create a value.

The objective of Brunch is to conturibute to people's events.

We always do our best. The personnel quality guarantees our job.

Brunch does its job meticulously to have the qualified personnel and to create a mutual trust environment and to get the continually development by team work.

Our open-mindedness guarantees our future.

Brunch gives its personnel the chance to work systematically and regularly and expects them to work without sacrifising themselves. We make the best of using the most limited thing called 'Time'.

The secret of success is to maintain the continuity in increasing the competitiveness.

Brunch works in cooperation with solution partnership in every step of the service presented to its customers. We work by making no concessions to whatever the competition conditions are,

Experienced people in every staff

We are aware that the quality of the work is directly related to the qualifications of our staff. Therefore, we determine our staff among the experienced and successful ones. We take notice that our staff are experienced in these sectors: Hotel, Restaurant, and Recreation.