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Sample Cocktail Menu

Table Spread

Special Cocktail Snack, Cocktail Crisps, Marinated Cocktail Olives, Crudités Platter, Parmesan Sticks


Pancakes- Tuna, Olive, and Mild cream cheese

2 types of Wraps - Veal and Cheese wrap - Meatball and Rocket wrap with lemon sauce

3 types of Bruschettas - Italian salad - Grilled Eggplants - Grilled Pepper with Yogurt

2 types of Quiches - Eggplant - Spinach - Cheese

Celery Salad with Walnut

Mozarella Sticks with Pesto Sauce in Shot Glasses

Finger Sandwiches- Roast Beef - Cheese - Mild Cream Cheese - With Ajvar Sauce(Serbian Roasted Red Pepper Sauce)

Triangel Sandwiches- Veal - Cheese - Mild Cream Cheese- With Sweet Chilli Sauce

Marinated Shrimp Tapas

Stuffed Grape Leaves “ Sarma” with olive oil

Cheese Cubes With Grapes and Cherry Tomatoes

Entree Starter

Vegetable Shrimp (with sweet chili sauce)

Chicken with curry sauce Mantı with yogurt and spices in small bowls


Panna Cotta (Mixed Fruit Coulis)

Fig Dessert with Walnut

Kiln-dried Chocolate Cream in small bowls

Soft Drinks

Juice Alternatives, Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Lipton Ice Tea Alternatives, Soda, Water

Hand-made Lemonade with Honeyed Ginger Mint Leaves


Drinks Variety of Red and White Wine

Binboa Vodka Alternatives (Classic, Strawberry or Redapple)

Beer (Efes or Miller)